Tiny Startup Camp

A tiny camp for making tiny startups.

November 10-11, 2012
Portland, Oregon


Jason Glaspey
Jason has started more than a dozen tiny startups. He failed at many, had mild success with a few, sold two, and is successfully scaling one to be much bigger than most people expect. But, despite all that, he loves tiny and tries to keep his eye on the prize, which has nothing to do with raising funding, but instead, hanging out with his wife, young son, and friends; whether that be on a mountain bike in Whistler, or a patio in Hood River looking at the river. His name-dropping includes co-founding the Portland Incubator Experiment (piepdx.com), an online bacon retailer, an international happy hour finder back when happy hour finders were hard to come by, written two books–one about bacon, the other diets–test drove new cars for a few years, and now runs Paleo Plan. Oh, and he helped make websites for companies like Burton Snowboards, Nike, Converse, Soloflex (remember them?) and a bunch of medium sized companies you may have heard of somewhere.
Andrew Spittle
Andrew Spittle is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic where everyday he helps people publish great content online. When not working he enjoys reading, traveling, and likes to think he can dabble in design.
Cami Kaos
Cami Kaos is well known as a blogger, podcaster, and 30-hour online telathon-er, but is possibly even more known for her big boots and big tattoos. And while she can make a mean martini, she also can help solve pretty much any customer’s problems while being the Accounts Manager at Paleo Plan (the latter may have something to do with the former). If you’ve ever asked her about her experience buying shoes online at Zappos, you’ll know why she’s so enamored with providing the type of customer service that turns even upset customers into evangelists for your company.
Chase Reeves
Chase is a weird mix of business, design, marketing, tomfoolery, cocktails, marketing, design, flahoolick, and cocktails. He helps good businesses communicate meaningfully with their audience. He’s got a soft spot for the working dad and man because, frankly, he’s not that great at either. If you see him at the bar, ask him about a guy called Howard Gossage.
Jason Van Orden
Jason Van Orden has a passion for helping you use online media to attract attention, make an impact and get paid to do what you love. He’s co-host of Internet Business Mastery –- the #1 podcast on internet marketing since 2005.He speaks internationally about podcasting and internet marketing and has spoken at some of the largest conferences in the world.Jason is the author of the Amazon bestselling book, Promoting Your Podcast. Jason’s book and tutorials have been used as curriculum in numerous university and high school classrooms.

Kim Toomey
Kim Toomey has been developing and managing digital marketing campaigns as a part of the Anvil team since 2007, after graduating from Gonzaga University. She specializes in web analytics and PPC for e-commerce and education focused clients, such as Stila Cosmetics, Concordia University and Seminole Hard Rock Casinos. When she’s not being sucked into the depths of AdWords accounts, Kim enjoys spending her free time with her husband and dog, traveling, and cooking – sometimes all at the same time.
Mike Pacchione
Mike gave the worst presentation of his life at Nike in 2011. Oddly, that’s still the company name he drops to give him the biggest sized street cred (which tells you a little about the validity of street cred). Nowadays he advises people on how to use stories in a presentation, whether it a keynote or an investor pitch. He also facilitates storytelling workshops for Duarte in Silicon Valley (the world’s largest presentation company).
Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy (@turoczy) has been working in startups in the Portland area for nearly 20 years. As founder and editor of Silicon Florist, he has blogged about the Portland startup scene for more than five years, even though numerous people have begged him to stop. That side project led to Rick cofounding the Portland Digital eXperience conference (@pdxconf) and cofounding PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment) (@piepdx), a startup accelerator formed in partnership with Wieden+Kennedy, creators of “Just Do It,” the Old Spice Guy, and agency of record for Facebook.In addition to blogging and mentoring, he currently advises the City of Portland and the Portland Development Commission on startup stuff, organizes an untold number of hackathons, regularly speaks at conferences like SXSW, advises Portland Startup Weekend, serves on the boards of the Technology Association of Oregon, Oregon Entrepreneurs Network, and Entrepreneur Foundation of the Northwest, and managed to squeak in just under the wire for the Portland Business Journal’s “40 under 40.” All because of a blog. Weird.
Rory Kaluza
Rory is the Director of Digital Strategy at Digital Aptitude, a Web Marketing Agency based in Portland, OR. He has a passion for creating and distributing viral content. In addition to his agency role, Rory is a contributor for Branding Magazine and co-founder of Visual Apogee (visualapogee.com), a visual content marketing brand. When he is not behind a Mac, Rory is an avid snowboarder, traveler and streetwear connoisseur.
Vidya Spandana
Vidya Spandana began consulting entrepreneurs with strategy at age 17 as an engineering freshman at UCSD. By the time she turned 21, she helped to scale DMV.org into a highly successful internet brand, launched an online publishing startup, and turned it into a multi-million dollar privately held business – Online Guru Inc. Under her strategic guidance, the company made the Inc.5000 list reporting 391% growth in three years. She left the company to pursue art and filmmaking, and studied yoga and meditation for a couple years, while consulting for various businesses around the world.In 2012, she launched Neppalli Strategy to provide end-to-end, adaptive strategy for small to mid-sized technology startups — taking software, web, and mobile technologies from idea to launch.Vidya is also an active advisor for Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE) and Astia, providing strategy and mentorship to tech startups when she is not advising her consulting clients. PIE is an initiative of technologists and leading brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, Google, and Wieden+Kennedy (the largest independent advertising agency in the world) to foster the tech startup community. Astia is one of the oldest and most successful accelerators in America, outperforming TechStars for the past 12 years. Astia’s mission is dedicated to the success of high-growth, high-potential, women-led ventures.

Deeply rooted in entrepreneurism and armed with an MBA, Vidya brings more than 13 years of deep experience in strategy for CXOs, founders, and enterprising managers.

Zeke Camusio
Zeke is a serial entrepreneur who’s started four successful companies in the last ten years. Zeke just might be the hardest-working guy in the digital marketing business.Entrepreneur Magazine named Zeke Camusio an “Internet Marketing Expert.” He’s the author of Amazon bestseller The Internet Marketing Bible and is also an online marketing columnist at some of the most reputable blogs in the industry, such as Search Engine Journal, Startup Nation, and Branding Magazine.Born in Argentina, Zeke moved to the U.S. in 2003, and he plays just as hard as he works. In addition to being an avid reader and a tech geek on his own time, he’s a rugby player, a freestyle skier, and a world traveler who’s visited more than 100 countries.