Tiny Startup Camp

A tiny camp for making tiny startups.

November 10-11, 2012
Portland, Oregon


What the…?
What’s a Tiny Startup? Good question. I think it’s a small company that was started by 1-2 people. Hopefully it’s self-funded for very little money, and exists online where things scale to be bigger really easily. It can be a very small idea, that has no bearing on how much money it can make.
Then what’s a Tiny Startup Camp?
It’s a two-day event that I made up to help you learn how to make a Tiny Startup.
And who are you to tell me how to make one?
I’m just a guy (my full name is Jason Glaspey). But I’ve started more than a dozen of these. Sold two, failed at a *LOT* of them, and have been very successful and happy with my current one called Paleo Plan. It’s super fun, and I make a good living. Blah blah blah internet speak that makes me sound smart. Short answer: I’ve learned a lot with all these experiences, and thought I’d share them with you.
You’re pretty proud of yourself aren’t you?
Maybe a little. But I recognize it’s pretty amazing that I work for myself, at whatever hours I want, from wherever I want, and make more than I ever have at any other job. I think I’m very lucky. Very lucky! I can’t overstate that. But I also think that I’ve been a little bit purposeful, which has helped a ton. So… yeah. I guess I am proud of that.
Well, then should I come? Is this for me?
I’d say yes. But that’s a generalization, since I don’t know you. But I think that you’d probably like to make more money than you do now. And if you’re still reading this, you’re probably intrigued. You may be a perfect candidate to learn how to make a Tiny Startup.
But can I actually do this? Is this too advanced for me?
That depends. I’d say you shouldn’t attend if you’re uncomfortable around computers. Setting up a new email account, registering for an online service, buying things online… those things are good skills to have at a very basic level. If you get nervous using “something online” then you shouldn’t come. If you sign up for online services like Facebook and Instagram and Twitter or Tumblr and aren’t stressed at all by those things, then it sounds like you’ll be fine. You don’t have understand those things, just as long as you’re comfortable giving them a go.
But I don’t know how to make a website, how can I run an online company?
That’s the beautiful thing. In 2012, you can set up a website using WordPress without any programming knowledge. You can upload an pre-built design so it looks nice, then just fill in some content. It might not win an award, but programming skills are no longer a barrier to making money online (although, it can speed things up or allow you to be more flexible–so it’s good, but it’s not a barrier). Note: You should have a laptop you can bring to the second day. DO NOT COME if you can’t come with a laptop on Day 2.
OK. I’m convinced. How do I sign up.
Click here and give us some money Then you can come.

I have more questions, for instance, what exactly do we learn to do?
You’ll learn about basic idea generation. We’ll cover ideas that are good, bad, too big, too little, too hard, and just right. We’ll cover the website part: how to buy a domain, put together a quick website, change how it looks and set up an email capture form. Then, we’ll cover the marketing: setting up paid advertising, social media, search engine optimization, and telling your story to your readers. Then, we’ll talk about testing an idea and proving it before you ever commit.
I already know how to do that stuff. Is this going to be boring?
Not at all. Each talk is only 20-ish minutes. Then, twice during the day, we’ll have breakout sessions where you can connect more intimately with the people who know something you don’t. That way you’re not stuck listening to talks on WordPress when you already know WordPress, or whatever.
I already know everything.
Then this conference isn’t for you.
OK, my bad. I don’t know everything.
I thought so.
This is a lot of text, I’m tired of reading.
And I’m tired of typing. Here’s a picture of my son to keep you interested.

So, how is this whole thing set up? Are all two days just speakers?
Nope. Day one is presentations. Day two is execution. Saturday we hear how to do it, and why. Sunday, we’ll dust off the laptops and get to work (don’t come if you can’t bring a laptop. That’s really important). We don’t want you guys going away with another page of notes and great intentions. We want you going away with real skills that you’ve gained from actually doing things and a test site actively testing an idea.
Does that mean I’ll have a Tiny Startup by Sunday night?
It could, but most likely… not. We plan on you having a simple website testing your idea, and a very clear idea of what to do if the test is successful. In some cases, that might be writing an ebook, or putting together a community site based around content and a tiny niche. You’ll still have a lot of work to do, but we want to get you as far as we can in those two days so you have enough momentum to really do it.
How much does it cost?
Early bird prices are sold out. Regular prices are $250 for one person. $350 for two people. All prices are now $50.
Why are there two prices? Do I need to bring a friend?
We think that learning together is a valuable tool for both remembering and for motivation. If you come with a friend, that person may remember something you forgot, or vice versa. And if you see your Startup Buddy getting traction on their idea, it’ll hopefully get you motivated to kick some ass too. Nothing like a little friendly competition between friends. But you’re also very welcome to come by yourself.
JAY!!! We’ve been buddies for years. Can I have a discount?
Oh man, it’s great to hear from you. Been too long. We should get coffee. However, as to the conference, we’ve priced it as low as we can for everyone. Friend or not. So, I can’t give any discounts this time. But hopefully you’ll still come? It’d be so great to catch up and I think you’d love to hear this stuff…
Okay, I get it. And I’m still convinced. Just remind me where to sign up.
You bet. Click this link to register. Then you’ll be all signed up. (thanks for being cool)

How many people are coming? Am I going to get individual attention?
We’re capping the registration at 100 people. And we’ll have several people on Sunday just walking around helping people with things they’re still struggling with. So, yeah, you should get some individual attention. But we won’t do things for you, just help you along when you get stuck. This is your Tiny Startup, and we want you to learn how to do it.
This is still a lot of text, if I wanted to read I’d go to school.
You’re right. Here’s a photo of a random conference that isn’t mine. Taken by this guy:

Oh, wait. I forgot to ask, who are the speakers?
We have these people confirmed to speak:
Note: I’ve hired each of these people myself to do things for me. These aren’t just friends of mine or whatever. These are the professionals I trust with my own businesses, Paleo Plan or otherwise.
Zeke Camusio: SEO (or Search Engine Optimization)
Mike Pacchione: Telling your story online
Kim Toomey: Pay-Per-Click advertising
Rick Turoczy: Social Media Maven (worth the price of admission alone)
Jason Glaspey: Ideas, Success, and Really Smart Things.
TBD: Understanding WordPress
and more…
You did an amazing job asking my questions. But I have more…
Fantastic. You can email me directly at jason@jasonglaspey.com. I answer emails there all the time.